Plastic Trim Restore

Textured automotive plastics may become weathered or stained leaving them looking faded, blotchy or striped. Various detail dressings may bring back the new look for a few weeks. Many dressings are also greasy and can come off on clothes or make a step slippery and unsafe.

• Here at Advanced Tint we offer a product that cures to a long lasting dry   finish. Dvelup color enhancer is a new product on the market that we brought   back from the 2014 SEMA show.

• Color enhancer cures to a long lasting dry finish, that penetrates to restore   below the surface while protecting with a new plastic surface and UV blockers.

• The use of color enhancer will minimize defects such as scratches, sap and bug   damage.

• Restores faded plastic trim to a like new condition.

• Formulated with chemistry with the ability to actually penetrate into the black   porous material of black trim pieces on your car.