Rock Chip Repair

*Service not covered by Insurance*

Rock chips don't just damage your car's appearance. A small rock chip on your windshield can spread, leading to further windshield damage and becoming a real driving hazard. Advanced Tint LLC now offers Rock Chip Repair services.

• Waiting to fix a rock chip until it starts to spread can cost you hundreds of   dollars.

• Windshield replacement is expensive and time   consuming.

• Most rock chips can be removed from your   windshield in minutes.

• Early detection and repair will stop the spread of   chips and cracks on your windshield and protect   your windshield from further damage.

• Your windshield is one of the most important parts   of your vehicle. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by repairing windshield   damage early.

Any windshield damage should be fixed right away. Because today’s small problem can become tomorrow’s headache. When left untreated, windshield damage is likely to spread.

Minor damage can be mended before it spreads and requires additional money and time to fix. Repair is possible when only the outer layer of the laminated safety glass is damaged.